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XWClogoX WinCommander is a file manager with these features:

Who made it?

Author: Maxim Baranov (mbaranov <at> study.haifa.ac.il)

Many improvements (version 0.91.4): Guillaume Cottenceau (gc <at> mandrakesoft.com)

Internacionalization: Syndson Silva (syndson <at> users.sourceforge.net).

Download of current version

Talk with mantainer/support

Application screenshots


I think the best issue of this file manager is the possibility to easily put your translation. Unfortunately, I don't know many languages, and I need people to do this job. Hopefully, there are people that could help me as well.

So, I would want to greet all who are helping to translating this program.

Lisane Silva (lisane <at> abeunet.com.br) -> Spanish

Thais Gurgel (gurgel <at> brfrree.com.br) -> French

Pavel Constantinov (the_deepblade <at> hotmail.com) -> Bulgarian

If you want to put your translation, feel free to contact me.

About this page

This layout was made by version 0.6 of StrangeBanana(click here), that generated me a template. Later, I got the original texts (I still use OpenOffice to create them) and inserted on my StrangeBanana template. Those that saw my original page knows the enhancement was huge. For who that is not a webdesigner (as me), this tool is very useful, and so I recommend to see the link above.