Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are all engaged on help who has difficulties on using X WinCommander. But, before writing us, read ths FAQ first. After all, it will save our time. Questions that is already here will not be answered by e-mail.

  1. How to install XWC?

    r) The easier way is using the .i386.rpm package. Using a Xterm (as root), type:

          [root@host]# rpm -ivh xwc-0.91.5-a.i386.rpm

Obviously, you can use your graphical RPM installer, if you prefer.

If you will install from sources, remember to install FOX 0.99.42 package BEFORE compiling XWC.

To compile and install XWC, use the script “install” that is on the sources folder.

  1. XWC works on what window managers?

    r) XWC was designed to be used on low resource systems, usually using WindowMaker, IceWM, QVWM, BlackBox, etc. But nothing forbids you to use it on Gnome, by example. Personally, I'm using below KDE.

  1. When I compile XWC from sources, it requires libs from Conectiva, but I use another distribution. What can I do?

    r) After you uncompress XWC sources, verify if there is not a “.depends” file. This is a hidden file, so you must use a “ls -la .depends”, on a Xterm to see it. If you find it, you can delete it with no pity or mercy. The script “install” will recreate it correctly.

  1. When I try to rebuild my RPM packages from xwc.spec, it requires libstdc++5.0-devel, but I have it installed. What to do now?

    r) The right libstdc++ name varies from distro to distro. The currente spec is configured to Mandrake. To fix it, only search the “BuildRequires” line from xwc.spec and change it conform example:

From: BuildRequires: XFree86-devel, gettext, libstdc++5-devel

To : BuildRequires: XFree86-devel, gettext, libstdc++5.0-devel

  1. XWC doesn't recognize my newer FOX library. And now?

    r) Unfortunately, XWC requires an especific version of FOX (0.99.42) to work. For this reason, FOX lib comes with XWC package, and must be installed first if you want to install XWC from sources. The binary package DO NOT requires FOX installed, as it is statically linked with FOX. So, after compiling XWC, you can reinstall your FOX with no problems.

  1. Is there plans to use the recent FOX library?

    r) Yes, but it is another work. And every help is very welcome.

  1. I use Slackware, and here I cannot see the .tgz package. What can I do to install it?

    r) A quick solution is using the rpm2tgz utility, that comes with your Slackware, and apply on the i386.rpm package. After that, you can install the resultant .tgz package. I was informed that it works ok.

  1. Do I need FOX installed to use XWC?

    r) NO!! XWC can also be copied from one system to another via diskette, that it will work. FOX libs will only be necessary if you will compile XWC from sources.

  1. How to translate the XWC messages to my language?

    r) You will need the source package (.src.rpm). Uncompress it, and pick the file “po/template.po”. Put the translated messages at the lines that is marked as “msgstr”. I strongly recommend to use a specific editor like Kbabel to do this work, but you can do it even with “vi”. After translating all phrases, please, send it to me, and I can include on the current package. The TRANSLATION.HOWTO file will give more details.

  1. I already translated all messages, but some buttons still shows messages on english. Why?

    r) This is a FOX problem, that doesn't seem to support translations. I think when I will upgrade the FOX, this issue will be corrected.

  1. I read all this FAQ, but nothing seems to answer me. Can I send you an e-mail?

    r) Of course... write-me! syndson <at> users <dot> sourceforge <dot> net.

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